Image by Thomas Leuthard (Own work) [CC 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Ultralink Master

The Master is the center point that all Ultralink Enterprise technology is connected to. Your Ultralink Master allows you to maintain full control of every aspect of the technology, ensure that there is no data leakage and keep everything in-house. We can work with you to get anything from a full-scale, distributed deployment to a simple test server up in no time.

  • Runs on all major Debian and Red Hat Linux flavors
  • Can run completely unprivileged (no root required)
  • Easy automated setup scripts and simple configuration
  • Integrates with high-level caching layers like CloudFlare
  • Processing nodes allow you to scale out at will
  • Continuously updated in-place with fixes and features
  • REST API and object-oriented client libraries
  • Easy development of new custom link types and insights

Hosted Solution

We host your Ultralink database and keep it running smoothly

Our hosting solution delivers everything you need to support your Ultralink database. This includes full editorial control and a skilled staff trained and certified to manage database performance and maximize uptime. We deliver comprehensive solutions and services based on your specifications. Contact us to learn more.

Consulting & Development

Our team helps you accomplish your IT goals for Ultralink Enterprise Platform

Internal developement resources can sometimes be scarce or hard to schedule. Our team can help you with systems integrations, custom link type development, or whatever makes Ultralinks work for you. Learn how powerful custom integration & development can be. Contact us today.