The Ultralink Enterprise Platform intuitively links your users to information they want before they know they need it.

Internal Corporate Networks

Provide comprehensive information within your organization effortlessly

Ultralink Enterprise Platform allows your organization to instantly deploy information seamlessly to the right audience. Acronym expansion, personnel directories, product information, policies and more are available at your employee's fingertips.

Integration human resource information

To keep up with market enthusiasm for our IoE offerings we have re-aligned the organization to better meet our customer’s requirements. Mark Jackson will be leading the sales team in North America. Holly Morgan will be leading our international sales efforts. We will keep all you updated regarding how...

Internet of Things

Ultralinks make getting information to your users from your IoT a cinch

With Ultralink, you can quickly and seamlessly provide your users meaningful, actionable information from your IoT. Users quickly adopt Ultralink without training due to its intuitive feel and interaction. Your organization will have peace of mind knowing its IoT network links are never broken.

Manage physical devices with Ultralinks
  • 8BB

  • OP3C

  • 2D2R

Extend Systems Life

Breathe new life into aging or unsupported tools with zero risk

You can instantly deploy Ultralinks on top of different web applications, tech stacks, and native applications with potentially no changes to the underlying application itself. Enhance workflows and improve system efficiencies while eliminating development redundancies.

Integrates with desktop software
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User Retention

Eliminate the need for users to leave your site to find context

Ultralink Enterprise Platform automatically analyzes the content your users are consuming and connects them to relevant resources. Users educate themselves while still on your site. This ensures that they stay with you for information instead of wandering off.

Utilizes large product databases

Fixed or adjustable rates? Does TILA Disclosure or Dodd Frank Act affect me, FHA Loans, should I consider buy a HUD home? Regardless of where you are in the process or questions you have we are here to help your family. Imagine how you will feel in your new home.

Product Databases

Get the data out of the database without the headache

With Ultralink Enterprise platform, you can easily get product or service information and updates seamlessly to your users. Ultralink eliminates connection and maintenance problems. Update the information once and all resources update automatically.

Puts big data to maximum use

How about Anemia? You remember vaguely hearing about Epogen. How about Osteogenesis or medication Lasix. Maybe you prefer alternative treatments such as immunotherapy but don’t want to be side tracked from your main search. We expect the current health information trend to accelerate and add to your quality of life.

Multidimensional Links

Ultralinks update themselves and expose new content to your users effortlessly

Ultralink super-charges your content by leveraging existing data and presenting it to your users intuitively, without disrupting their flow. Our platform allows for densely packed, content rich pages where information appears only when the user needs it.

Keeps users onsite longer

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Ultralink Enterprise Platform At Cisco Systems

Inside Cisco, Ultralinks seamlessly tie several different systems together in one place. Cisco engineers are developing on the Ultralink platform to eliminate developer redundancy and get data where it couldn’t go previously. With Ultralinks, Cisco is able to do more with less.

Ultralinks cut the time required for many workflows by at least 70% and completely eliminated some others.