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Enterprise data where your users need it most

This is an Ultralink

The next generation hyperlink presents relevant data from anywhere.

The Ultralink Enterprise Platform is a revolutionary new way for the people in your organization to connect with the information they seek. It automatically analyzes what they do, and connects them to the relevant resource when they need it. Users are provided a seamless, engaging and focused experience that saves time and increases productivity. Unlock your data potential with the Ultralink Enterprise Platform.

Ultralinks turn your company's data into instantly accessible, actionable, business intelligence.
Show Me What Ultralinks Can Do

Easy Deployment

Get a server up in minutes and maintain control of all your data in-house

Modular Development

Integrate Ultralink functionality across all your applications


Ultralinks gather relevant info from multiple sources seamlessly

Connecting Databases

Aggregate data across multiple databases for presentation anywhere

Ultralink Products

Ultralink Enterprise Platform increases productivity by over 30% while also decreasing the cost of exposing information. Our platform easily connects to any source of information ranging from industry standard databases to custom in-house software systems. Your users or audience will have a seamless, engaging and focused experience while saving time and increasing productivity.